The Journey of Since 2008

Journey of since 2008 is leading online pharmacy that sells Viagra. We are famous both in the US and abroad. Like many companies who became great, we have faced our fair share of hardships and difficulties on the road to our current position. Though many of you will find it hard to believe, but we didn’t start our company online. We actually had an offline store made of mortar and bricks. In 2008 we started our first store in New Orleans. The main purpose of our business was to ensure that our customers received authentic Viagra and trusted us to be there whenever their supply became low. To fulfill this purpose we finally decided to open an online version of our store.

During the early period of 2008, we managed to open our offline pharmacy in New Orleans. Since we had just started up, we had a skeleton staff. However, we were lucky in the sense that the people who we employed also shared our beliefs. We decided to concentrate on selling authentic Viagra to our customers. To our great surprise, many people did not know how to get prescriptions. Thus, we aimed not only to provide them with Viagra but also educate them on the process of getting prescriptions. To ensure that people who used our products were educated about it, we started providing them with information about the erectile dysfunction drug. We maintained honest and open communication with our customers. Thus, we were able to earn their trust.

Our store in New Orleans soon started making profits. We used these profits to increase the number of employees we had and to branch out to other cities. Before long we branched out to three more states New Jersey, Indiana, and Maine. The fact that we could pharmacies in all four states proved that we were here to stay. But, like all big companies, we did not rest on our laurels. We felt we should not limit ourselves to providing to Americans alone. There is a huge world to which we can supply Viagra. That is when we decided that we should go online. Thus, we created

Since we had regular customers in the United States, it was easy to get new customers and convert many if not all our offline customers to online customers. It was another task convincing customers from other countries to buy our products. The months before we made our first successful overseas sale were nail wrenching. The amount of hard work we put and the tensions we faced. Though our perseverance we finally managed to sell to the international market.

Once we managed to convert many offline customers to online ones, we felt that keeping offline pharmacies did not serve any special purpose. Though we were sentimentally attached to our offline stores, we felt the future was with online pharmacies. Thus, we slowly started closing our offline stores. These offline stores have been open between 2008 and 2013. During these five years, we have served our offline customers with the upmost respect and efficiency.

It has around five years since we started our online pharmacy and during this period we have serviced more than 100,000 customers each month. Our customer base has increased to around 10 million. has provided customers with only branded Viagra. Nothing makes us happier than explaining to you what all facilities and services you can avail when you come to our online pharmacy. Our online pharmacy provides both discounts and great offers to our customers. Since this is a prescription drug, you are required to get a prescription. However, you can use our online consultation to get the prescription you need to buy Viagra. So, far we have accepted Visa, e-checks, and COD (cash on delivery). For those who do not have these options, do not worry. Our technical team is working to ensure that you can make payments using any credit card and PayPal.

In order to ensure that your Viagra reaches your doorstep on time, we have formed a partnership with major shipping logistics companies such as UPS and much more. These shipping transporters are the best in their field and so far ensured that our product reaches you the customers on time.  In case you have any queries or clarifications, do not hesitate to call our customer support. They are available to help 24/7. The customer service representatives are highly trained and will answer all your questions. In case you are finding it difficult to place your order, call our customer support service. They will patiently guide you through the process. Furthermore, is the best place to find information about Viagra and how to use it. Thus, we suggest that you make utmost use of our website and get your authentic Viagra.

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