Shipping Policy offers the high-grade shipping plan of action to our customers. Within a period of two to three days of the time period, it is accomplishable that we would ship out or deliver your drug package to your place of purchase or hometown. This online pharmacy has links and associations with different courier companies.

We would send off the Viagra pills to various parts of the world. Therefore, we have an affiliation with the top shipping companies in your country or hometown. Subsequently, to when the order is confirmed, you would obtain a tracking id. All details related to your parcel would be informed to you by means of the messages.

It is right from the phase of the payment, order verification, parcel despatch till the package is delivered to your geographical area all these messages will be conveyed to your registered electronic mail and mobile number.

Normally, the parcel will be shipped within a period of 2-3 business days. If you have placed an order for Viagra online at the weekend and so the parcel would be sent on the succeeding working day of the online pharmacy.

One of the popular ways of our shipping is the system of USPS. There are various shipping alternatives procurable in an online pharmacy and they are as follows: All-night delivery, speedy shipment, as well as conventional delivery method.

If you have selected overnight or following day delivery alternative then you can acquire Viagra package in a period of few hours or a day.

Speedy delivery option assists you to acquire the Viagra parcel in a period of 2-3 days. Those who do not wish to pay for the shipping charge can choose for a conventional delivery know-how. At the maximum, you can acquire the pills in a period of 15 days of the time when you select this shipping alternative.

This online pharmacy would send the Viagra pills to various parts of the globe.

Here, we would list about the delivery

Medication Name Estimated Time Delivery Type Shipping Cost
Viagra (Brand) 21 business days Normal Shipping $ 40
Viagra (Brand) 14 business days Express Shipping $ 80 (Best Deal)
Sildenafil (Generic) 21 business days Normal Shipping $ 30
Sildenafil (Generic) 14 business days Express Shipping Contact us


If you are going to place an order for the medication in bulk quantity then it is accomplishable that you get free shipping billing. Even those regressive or loyal customers have to pay very much to a lesser extent for the transportation of the parcel.

Shipping policy of our Viagra online pharmacy is the high-grade one compared to different mail order pharmacies. The parcel would be delivered within the period of time to the location of the person or more specifically his home address. If there is any postponement then it might be only owing to natural calamities or any authentic ground.

The pills that are sent to your place would be kept guaranteed in the package. There is a lesser chance for the tablets to be broken-down. If in case there is any impairment caused to the medication from our side then we would unquestionably take the obligation. Here we would attempt to ship another set of new Viagra tablets to your hometown as we would not permit our customers to be frustrated.