Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of prescription do you take into consideration?

We take prescriptions that are internet produced and those acquired from the customary method of a doctor consultation. We would anyhow check the genuineness of the medical script before supplying Viagra 

Do you perform online doctor consultation?

Do you As of now, we do not assist with this option, but in the upcoming future, we are readying to extends our wings into forming a cyberspace consultation company. Right now, we take and guide you to places that will assist to supply online doctor consultation.

Can I purchase Viagra from any localized drug store using the mode of Internet Rx?

Yes, you will be capable to do so, stipulated the prescription you get is authorized.

What is the cost of an online prescription?

That very much depends on the portal you decide to hold consultation with. Definite acknowledged places present the service free of charge while some request a minimal amount. Nevertheless, most of the time it costs you way on a lesser basis than what it would cost you conventionally.

What is the procedure to get prepared for an online doctor’s consultation?

All you would necessitate is, your present-day and former medical records. As easy as that! And yes, make certain you have a great internet connection and a video calling platform preceding to the beginning with the group discussion.

Is an online/internet prescription considered lawful?

This, again, extremely depends on the place you select. When you land up in an authenticated place, the doctors would be substantiated by the various authorities of the country and supplied license to write you a legal Rx. This a medical script is 100% lawful. There are numerous deceitful places functioning as well. Consequently, take big caution before making up one’s mind on the right place.

Should the place of online prescription and purchase of viagra be the same?

Not needfully. Nevertheless, this differs from place to place.


What are the benefits offered when I purchase viagra from your online website?

As already mentioned, you get dependable Viagra medications for a really low price. Multifaceted payment and shipment alternatives, customer service, return/refund, discounts, free prescription, availableness of branded as well as generic versions, FDA sanctioned Viagra and tactful packaging is many of the benefits.

What is the expected time period within which the Online Viagra will be delivered?

It would at the least take up to 10 business days for your package to get delivered if the option for regular shipping services.

Do you enable COD option?

Yes, we do supply COD facilities. You can make payment by cash at the time period of delivery.

What is the source of all your Viagra supply?

We get our stock refilled every two weeks from the best selling manufacturer of Viagra from the USA.

Will my money be refunded in case of an unsuccessful delivery?

Kindly view our Refund Policy as well Shipping Policy for queries with reference to returns.