Customer Support provides its customers with around the clock customer support. They can access this customer support service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. We ensure that our customers can place orders for their medication at any time.

Sometimes, customers may have queries about how to place orders. There will be times when your customer might face problems like remembering your login password. However, you need not worry as our customer representative will help you out.

Majority of queries come from customers when they have reached the payment stage. These customers are not sure whether it is safe to make their purchase. Our support team is highly trained in instructing you on the process.

In case you want to contact our support team, you can contact us through phone, email or chat.

The phone is the most common method. This is because people feel much better when they hear a human voice answering their queries. To call us to make use of the toll-free number mentioned on our site The maximum amount of time needed to solve any support call is around 2 minutes. Our customer support team are trained in such a way that they will not take more than 2 minutes.

Chatting is another way through which you can contact us. On our site, you will find a form where you have to enter your details like name and phone number along with your comment. Once you have submitted the form, you can chat with our customer support representative.

A final option is through email. You can find the email with which you can contact our customer support representative on our website. To send a query through email, you can use any email. Just make sure to include your details and the issue in the email. Our support staff will respond within 48 working hours.

Do not worry, we have formed separate teams for each support option. This includes email support. Thus, we can guarantee you will get a response with a short time.

However, if you want to get a response faster than you should go for a call or chat option.

We at have trained our customer support representatives to be absolutely polite when they respond to your queries and issues. Providing you with guidelines and helping you our customers is what they are getting paid for. When it comes to ordering your medication, you can trust to help you in every way possible. It does not matter if you have any doubts, you can expect them to answer them politely.

We kindly request you to let us know if you are facing any problem. In case you find any of support executives not satisfying your queries then you can send a complaint through email. The same applies to when you have had a beautiful experience, share that through email. By doing both you are helping us improve our services. Through the first we can identify erroring representatives that need to be trained and through second we identify representative to reward and promote to the next level.